What to Expect

Before Your Visit

You will be given instructions from both the hospital/surgery center and surgeon about how to prepare for your surgery. This includes information about what you can eat and drink beforehand.

We will review with you your medications list and your medical history. There may be a preoperative consultation with your anesthesia team, and pre-admission testing and evaluation on a case by case basis.

We will answer any questions or concerns you have and provide the appropriate consent forms and paperwork.

During Your Surgery or Procedure

Our team of dedicated anesthesiologists and CRNA’s will be with you at every step of the procedure to make sure you get through the surgery safely and painlessly.

After Your Surgery

When your surgery has been completed you will be taken to a Recovery Room, where your vitals will be monitored continually by a team of doctors and nurses, and our anesthesiologists will manage your postoperative pain.

When the effects of the main surgical anesthesia have worn off, we will assess whether you can be discharged. For outpatients you can be sent home, provided you have a designated driver or means of public or private transportation to get home safely.

For in-patients, a team of nurses will make sure that you get to your hospital bed safely.

Billing and Patient Forms

We participate with all major health insurers and the vast majority of smaller ones as well.

Please visit this portal to access our Patient Forms: